What does your image on social media say about you? How do your posts and pictures reflect your values and professionalism? You may take the time to censor your updates, check-ins and photographs, but do your friends? You may be an innocent bystander, but with your face in the background of an unfortunate photo from last year’s Jimmy Buffet concert, you might as well plead guilty.

This doesn’t mean that as a professional you have to live a life shunning Facebook and Twitter. It does, however, mean that your clients, employers, coworkers and staffing recruiters will most likely be searching for you on these sites. Who do you want them to find?

Don’t be a workplace Facebook poster.

Do you really want the entire accounting department to know that at 3:15 p.m. you were “totally bored?” What kind of impression does that make on your boss, especially if you are a temporary employee hoping for a full-time offer? It sounds absurd, but you’d be amazed at how many people post incriminating details about how they spend their time while at work.

Don’t post pictures while on sick leave.

You called in a sick day, but those photos of you at the beach paint a different picture. Even if your manager isn’t on your friends list, it only takes one connection before the whole HR department knows exactly what you did on Wednesday last week. Employers know that their employees might not be truly sick every time they call in, but to see it smiling on your computer screen is a completely different thing.

Think before you repost.

Read before you repost and remember that everything you put on Facebook can ultimately be found. Both the content you circulate and the quality of your writing will reflect on your character, especially as an employee or temporary worker. Posts with grammar and spelling mistakes, heated political commentary and using expletives as nouns and verbs will certainly tarnish your professional reputation.

Keep the camera phone in your pocket.

It’s the end of a long stressful week and you’re unwinding with a whiskey at your favorite pub. Your best friend hands you a beer to pass down just as someone’s flash goes off. The next thing you know you’re all over Facebook looking tired with a drink in both hands. This is not the IT professional the boss wants to put on the new big contract. When you’re at a party, in a bar or anywhere with alcohol, try to stay out of pictures you can’t control.

When you partner with a responsible staffing firm, your recruiters and coworkers have your back, ready to help you put your best foot forward. Our reputation is as good as the candidates we work with, and potential employers know that TxMQ only provides the best.

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