Companies with the most successful hiring practices aren’t just about finding any candidate, but finding the best candidate. Studies have shown that, for many job seekers, it’s not all about the paycheck. Today’s employees want meaningful work in an engaging workplace. They will hustle, and hustle hard, but only when nurtured in the right environment. If your company is struggling to attract top talent in your industry, consider creating a workforce culture that is flexible, supportive and focused on job satisfaction.

Offer a bountiful benefits package

Top candidates can be easily wooed by all-star benefits packages. Maybe the price on the paycheck isn’t as high as their other offers, but better benefits can often be more appealing. Health packages are always a priority, but so are PTO, bonus pay, flextime, paid maternity and paternity leave. One of the best ways to draw in top talent is to get rid of the three-month probationary period and let them reap their benefits right away.

Build a sense of community

Top tier candidates want to be part of something. The best employees are movers and shakers and they don’t want their innovative ideas to go to waste. Building a sense of community among your staff allows them to collaborate more successfully and also gives them the confidence to work independently. Management should also develop a relationship with staff, giving them time to talk openly about their workplace issues. In addition to attitude, you can also create a more welcoming environment. Interactive break rooms, relaxing employee lounges, vibrant art and lush, green nature all help to create places where employees can connect and be themselves.

Promote professional development

Top candidates are looking for opportunity. They want to grow in their professions, as well as help the company grow. Opportunities for education and advancement are almost guaranteed to attract high quality candidates. Whether you provide access to national conferences, in-house trainings or time off for classes, top tier employees are always looking for ways to improve. This drive for success will also help drive your business forward.

An energetic, eager candidate walks into your front doors and what does he or she see? Flickering florescent lights hang above dingy beige cubicles. Drab coworkers shuffle by without even looking up from the floor. A draconian list of rules hangs next to a sterile receptionist desk.

If you were this candidate, what would you do? Would you even go through with the interview or would you turn around and walk right out?

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