In 1992, the world’s greatest basketball players came together to go for gold. This group of NBA players were specifically chosen through careful selection, chemistry, evaluation and effort. The Dream Team (as they came to be called) won out all 8 games and is considered one of the greatest teams of all time.

In crafting and staffing your own office ‘Dream Team,’ why limit your efforts to your internal resources? In order to find the best candidates to fill the positions at your company, you need to expand your network, be seen by the right candidates and save time and money in your search. A staffing firm is your best bet to find the candidates with the qualities and qualifications to fit your company’s needs.

There are a multitude of reasons that companies should enlist the assistance of a strong, well-connected recruitment team.

  1. Understanding your Internal Needs 

    There are many factors to understanding and determining exactly what you need internally. A recruiting firm knows the important questions to ask and can help you determine what position your organization needs to fill.


  2. Cost of Turnover

    When an employee leaves a company, it creates much more than just a vacancy. The loss can create significant time and cash loss until a new employee is sourced, recruited, interviewed, hired, trained and started in the position. Staffing firms typically charge a fee based on the candidate salary (a percentage) and although some companies may think the price is steep, it pales in comparison to the cost of leaving a position open. The time and resources the internal team would invest and the risk associated with hiring the wrong employee can all be alleviated with the use of a Recruitment Partner. A trusted recruiting firm will understand your needs and present your team with only the best candidates.


  3. The Network

    A recruitment/staffing firm exponentially increases your network and your ability to get in front of potential candidates. You might be wondering how in the world you are going to find the right people or how much time and money it’s going to take to get your jobs seen by the right candidates. The interview process itself can be overwhelming. You may (potentially) interview hundreds of candidates and still come up empty-handed. The right staffing firm will have your position up within tremendous networks of industry professionals. The right people will be on the phone within the hour and the best pre-screened candidates may be in front of you within a few days.


  4. A Member of your Team

    Staffing firms will make sure the right candidates see your open positions. They will utilize their own networks, advertise and market, manage the candidate pool, manage the interview process and assist in presenting candidate details that may not be outlined on their resume. Recruiters become your sales team and your HR team. They assist in presentation and negotiation of an offer and assist with onboarding. A great recruitment firm essentially becomes an extension of your internal team. They focus on core responsibilities thus protecting the revenue generating responsibilities that ensure your operation is running smoothly through the hiring process.


  5. More Flexible Options and Costs

    The majority of recruitment partners offer a variety of options to suite the needs of your company and the position you are hiring for. If a candidate is only needed for a 6-month project, a staffing firm can conduct the search and identify the right candidate. Then, that candidate can become the staffing firm’s employee, at no added cost to your core team. There is no risk of having to pay unemployment when the project is over and the firm absorbs all costs and responsibilities. Firms will also offer contract to hire positions, and come up with whatever plan works best for you.


  6. Contingent and Guaranteed

    Utilizing a firm is typically contingent and guaranteed. At the end of the day, if you have an internal applicant that fits the bill or you aren’t pleased with the caliber of candidates the firm has presented, there is nothing binding you to hiring through the firm. This means there is NO COST to your company if an agency does not provide a candidate, no matter how much time and resources they have dedicated to the search.


Bottom line, a recruitment firm is the way to go. They have the networks, they have the experience and they can provide the help to whatever degree you require. Recruitment firms can consult with your internal teams and provide feedback and direction that you don’t necessarily get from within the company. They ensure a lower turnover and guarantee their candidates. They allow your company the flexibility needed when it comes to increase/decrease in workloads and projects. They invest their own time and resources on advertising and marketing, working around the clock so that you don’t have to. They prescreen countless candidates, although you are only presented the best of the best. Recruiting agencies allow you to focus on your core responsibilities, keep your costs low and they provide these services on a contingent, NO RISK basis. It’s a win-win all around. Find the right staffing and recruitment firm and you will have a trusted partner and extension of you HR team whenever you need it.

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