Military Veterans can provide talent well beyond the scope of the average civilian. Our life experiences, time in the military and rigorous training add disproportionate value to the workplace. Regardless of how long we served or what we did while in the military, we approach our careers after the military with the same core values. We served our country proudly and gave up all of our rights to do so. So why are we an asset to your workplace? What exactly makes Veterans unique hires and harder workers? Why should your company hire us?

    1. Veterans are trained to give 110% every day.
      No matter what situation military veterans are placed in, we always give it our all. Veterans have been trained to give 110% every day. This carries over into the office. Veterans come to work prepared and invest all of their efforts into the jobs they are given. Veterans seek out careers with businesses who mirror their values.
    2. We adapt easily to our environment.
      Veterans have been trained to easily adapt to their environment. We are flexible and resilient when faced with new situations and change. Whether new to the office, traveling, or simply adjusting to a company’s needs, Military Veterans can roll with the punches.
    3. We never give up.
      Military veterans fight for what is right and for what they believe in. We approach our jobs with the same mentality. Veterans will find a work around and continue to plug away at a problem until it is solved. We are relentless in this respect.
    4. Veterans learn quickly.
      Attesting again to adaptability, Veterans pick up new skills quickly. We are quick learners who want to get the job done.
    5. We lead by example.
      Veterans believe firmly in the idea, “If I wouldn’t do something, why should I make someone else do it?” We lead by example, and have no problem leading a team into uncharted territory. We are willing to take risks and jump to action.
    6. We are trained leaders and hold integrity to very high standards.
      We believe in doing the right thing. We possess a strong moral compass and are proud of the things we can accomplish.
    7. We look out for others.
      We are never looking out just for ourselves but for our families and those around us. We will always put someone else first and think of others first. We have our co-workers and our company’s backs.
    8. We can venture outside of our comfort zones.
      We can engage outside of our comfort zones and are not afraid to admit when we don’t know something. We take initiative and the necessary steps to get a job done. If we don’t have the resources and knowledge, we will seek out someone who does or learn how to complete the job ourselves.
    9. Veterans act as motivators, coaches and mentors.
      The military taught us many things, most importantly it taught us to value our freedom, our country and the people around us. When you hire a Military Veteran you are staffing someone who is committed, has a strong work ethic and is a proven leader. You are hiring someone that has already faithfully served for you, your family, your friends and your colleagues. You can rest assured that he or she will give it their all daily.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statements (regarding Veteran status)

Many Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) statements ask if you’re a Military Veteran but break it down in a few categories beyond just “being a Veteran.” I have found that a few ask about Veteran status and later, and inquire as to whether you fall into a protected category. The point of the protected category is to ensure that Veterans are still considered for employment regardless of their status or disabilities. Oftentimes, this can just be confusing to Veterans. We ARE Veterans, whether we fall into the protected category or not, and should be regarded equally regardless of this distinction.

How do you handle having a Veteran in the office?

I have been approached regarding this questions several times and feel the need to expand on the topic. I am not saying that Veteran’s need special attention in the workplace however, they have given up much to serve their country. They have been through trials and tribulations during their service that many citizens cannot understand. We do not need any special attention or extra recognition for this. All of your employees should be communicated to on the same level. Recognition of effort and a job well done is something that should be commonplace in the office. Breeding a culture that allows employees to speak freely and to impact change will make an organization successful for all employees, regardless of their military status.


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