Want to inspire your employees to work harder and collaborate more? Okay, that’s obviously a silly question – what manager or business owner doesn’t want more productive employees? Whether you’re leading a team of permanent employees or contract workers, an open door policy is a proven way to get your team to engage and produce.

4 Key Benefits of an Open Door Policy

Deeper Insights in Your Business: If your full-time and part-time employees know they can come to their supervisors in a safe environment, they’re likely to be more open about issues that affect the whole company. Managers can stay in the loop about ongoing concerns, as well as keep their fingers on the pulse of day-to-day affairs.

More Effective Problem-Solving: The key to an open door policy is no fear of retaliation; a network administrator doesn’t have to worry about angering a coworker from a different department and a temporary employee doesn’t have to fear missing out on a direct hire. This encourages managers to take strategic, tactical approaches to addressing workplace issues, coming up with creative solutions to workplace challenges.

Stronger Relationships: When employees believe in their open door policy, they also believe in their supervisors. When the policy produces results, you build more than a product; you build trust. When doors are closed, work feels formal and secretive; however, when they open up, employees get the sense that their supervisors genuinely want to be engaged.

Embrace New Ideas and Creative Solutions: Open door policies help management and employees develop a rapport of equality. When a temporary employee comes up with a better way to engage coworkers in best practices or a permanent employee notices a flaw in the workflow, an open door policy gives them the confidence to speak up. These new ideas could mean more business and better profits for your company as a whole.

HR directors, managers and employees, both permanent and contract, all praise companies that encourage honest conversations about job satisfaction and the workforce environment. If you decide to implement an open door policy in your office or plant, make sure to be as genuine as possible. While it can help boost morale and productivity, it can also cause anxiety and tension if not executed properly. Make sure candid conversations happen in the office, but confidential ones happen behind firmly closed doors and out of the spotlight.


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