TxMQ has been an IT staffing and recruiting leader for 35 years. Our business has grown and today we offer services that range from one-time candidate searches to project-based support to full talent-acquisition partnerships.


Why Hire Us to Help You?

Because TxMQ is true staffing partner. To us, a job description is just a starting point. We take the time to dig deeper and discover your true needs and wants for every position. Then we activate our strategic, highly specialized network of candidates, SMEs and professional associations to source the best candidates. Third, we understand the hiring process of presentation, negotiation, relocation and onboarding. We vet every candidate so there’s no surprises. And if there’s ever a problem, we’re available 24x7x365 to fix it. That’s why so many companies partner with TxMQ for talent partnerships and staffing solutions.


  • Average time to first candidate interview for new req: 4 days
  • Average time to candidate hire for new req: 20 days
  • Average time to candidate start for new req: 30 days
  • Average client and candidate satisfaction: 100%


Plus, we handle all the security, compliance, background checks, billing and documentation.

It’s really that easy.

A partnership with TxMQ takes the headache out of IT recruiting and staffing. See the current jobs we’re hiring for and learn more about how our staffing strategies and solutions can help your business.

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