Beat the job search blues.

Yes, companies DO hire in December.

While job application rates may drastically decrease toward the end of the year, job requests typically don’t. Unemployed? Beat the holiday job search blues. Take advantage of less competition! Company needs do not necessarily change because the end of the year is near. Positions still exist that still need to be filled and employers are still actively looking for qualified candidates, even in the midst of the holiday cheer and mistletoe.


Yes, the hiring process does slow down a bit during this season. While it might take longer to get feedback from an interview or hear finalized decisions, you can still be actively involved in the process. Don’t be discouraged. Stay patient and focused even if the process does take a longer than you’d hoped. Often hiring managers have openings in Q1 or want to have a new employee start with the new year. Despite the cold weather, the job market will be warming up soon! Reach out to a recruiter to help you get your foot in the door. Many times recruiters can help expedite the hiring process and get your resume in front of someone fast.


Be open and flexible to scheduling difficulties and changes. With strange holiday schedules and vacations planned, you might need to be flexible around the hiring manager’s schedule for phone calls and interviews. Remember, if you’re going to turn down anything, turn down the job… not the interview.


Do yourself a favor and don’t let the holidays distract you from landing your dream job. Beat the job search blues. What better way to ring in the New Year than with a great job offer at your fingertips?


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