Even though America is finally reaching the end of the Great Recession, employment is still a serious concern for many employers, especially those in the manufacturing, engineering and industrial fields. Many of these operations risk losing their most dedicated and experienced employees – the baby boomers. A lot of these workers have geared up for retirement, leaving their positions behind for less seasoned employees to fill.

To keep your production going, your vision moving forward and your profits increasing – you need good workers. No question. That’s why it’s no surprise to TxMQ’s recruiters that engineering and industrial companies are actually competing for new hires. In order to keep a steady influx of good workers, these companies have to convince the newest generation in the workforce, Generation Y, that these careers are interesting and rewarding.

4 Ways to Get Gen Y Interested in Industrial Careers

 High Tech

Generation Y needs to dust off the image that industrial work is an old-fashioned career. From engineers to programmers, these jobs require highly advanced skills that come from a very specific type of training. Many of these workers are using cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done. 

High Pay

Industrial jobs, both temporary and permanent, can pay upwards of $70,000 a year. These jobs are challenging and require regular professional development to keep up with upgrades, updates and increasing use of technology. In addition, these employers are highly interested in hiring female employees, a rare sight in some of these fields. Gen Y women have a chance to really dominate these careers. Think about it — the ultimate job security.

High Advancement

Getting in early allows Generation Y workers to get the lay of the land. There is always room for advancement for those who want it, but deciding which direction to go takes some time. A job that encourages plenty of exposure will attract young talent looking to make their own niche.

High Demand

Engineering and industrial firms are looking a variety of employees to make their whole team stronger. There is a high demand for quality assurance professionals, human resource personnel, management, accounting, machinists and skilled tradesmen. The job security that goes with an industrial job is as solid as a concrete foundation. With an uncertain financial future ahead, showing that their skills will always be in need is a sure fire way to inspire more of Generation Y to look toward manufacturing as a career.

If you’d like to broaden your candidate search consider connecting with eager, talented Generation Y employees. Call TxMQ today to expand your talent pool to include today’s hardest workers and brightest minds.

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