As of late, most of my blogs have been centered on some article, some company, or some gadget or innovation dreamed up by someone else. It’s funny, because my MOST FAVORITE blogs to read are ones in which the writer is self-centered and opinionated. I happen to find it fascinating to read about the lives and contrivances of people I don’t know as part of this huge blogging world of ours.

I tend to think I’m just not interesting enough to blog about myself, and to be honest I don’t even know how to write about my opinions in such a way that doesn’t reference an article or quotation – a sorry product of 20 page college research papers, I’m sure.

The point is, I’m going to TRY to write the kind of blog I love to read – one about ME.

Today – January 10th has been a good day. So far in this calendar year I’ve managed to put 4 engineering professionals to work in new career positions so I’m feeling like I’m on fire!

THOUGH there has been a trouble position that’s been effectively dousing my hot streak, and I’m trying to brainstorm HOW I can reach the kind of people I need to in order to get things going.

In case you don’t frequent my job board, I will give you a quick synopsis:

THE COMPANY: an international manufacturer of custom industrial heat transfer and furnace applications

THE POSITION: a heavily design- based BSME position. The person hired will spearhead a brand new product line along with a few other key individuals.

THE PROBLEM: this company works in such a tiny niche that finding candidates with specific industry experience is like finding “Where’s Waldo”. Not to mention, what they do is so unique (suuuuper high temperature thermal applications) that it’s not prudent for them to hire a senior engineer who doesn’t have industry experience.

So what am I stuck doing??? Searching the endless expanses for WALDO – a token candidate with the right skills, the right former employers, the right price range, and the right location.

All of this may seem like complaining – and to be fair, some of it is! BUT, what do companies hire recruiters for if not to find the “needle in the haystack”. And not for nothing, it’ll be EXHILARATING when I finally get in touch with that key candidate.

When it’s right, it’s right – I’ll be able to tell within my first 5 minutes of conversation with said individual.

Anyway – I had you all fooled for a moment that this blog didn’t have an ulterior motive! You see, this blog is linked to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, our website and various other online sources, and I’m hoping that the right person stumbles across this piece of fine digital literature and emails me! is my email address – if you, or someone you know seems to fit the bill for this painfully difficult position to fill REACH OUT! Let’s talk!

ALSO – for those of you avid TxMQ blog readers, if you have any suggestions for me as to who I can talk to, where I can search, what I can do, etc etc please post! At this point I’ll take any help I can get!

And for EXTRA INCENTIVE – if your technique or lead helps me out, I’ll have Wendy (our superfab marketing manager) mail you a TxMQ pen! They’re great gel pens – they write so freakin’ smoothly.

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