“The Internet of Things” and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This is what McKinsey calls a cyber-physical system – a “type of information system that [through the use of] sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects [is] linked through wired and wireless networks via the Internet protocol”. THIS is the Internet of Things and how it’s going to change the face of manufacturing.

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Labor Day: A Day of Reflection or Celebration?

It was 1894, an election year for President Grover Cleveland (former Mayor of Buffalo & former Governor of New York State). The country had been suffering from a significant economic depression, and the American Railway Union went on strike to demand lower rents (which were controlled by their employer back then) and higher wages.

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A Teacher Resignation & Stem Education

However, I just read a letter from an early-retiring Syracuse-based Social Studies teacher that struck a chord with me. He’s retiring early (just two years from being able to collect his full pension) for a host of reasons, most; I’m sure have to do with the unrealistic, robotic expectations of the APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review).

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