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TxMQ has been doing business for more than 35 years and is an Engineering, Manufacturing and IT staffing and recruiting leader. Our business has grown and today we offer services that range from one-time candidate searches to project-based support to full talent-acquisition partnerships.

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TxMQ can bring a cooperative blend of resources to help address the needs of a project team or an evolving organization. The introduction of new technologies requires careful attention to the people and processes and TxMQ can help. A mix of consulting to define and establish new programs and processes combined with a focused effort to cultivate and source talent can help build your team for success. We cover the U.S. and Canada. We look forward to working with you

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Every client is unique, so every search is unique. We’ve found through experience that a flexible process will produce the best overall results for your company. Regardless of the level of complexity required for the search, each client will benefit from the infusion of four core components that comprise our staffing search strategy. Those four core components are…


From the first day of our relationship, we execute a well-developed process strategy that enables us to understand your company and the types of employees you need to accomplish your business goals. The knowledge we gain allows us to develop a detailed search plan and quantifiable screening questions that allow for consistency in the evaluation process.


At TxMQ, we believe the initial evaluation should be done before any candidate ever reaches you to ensure they’re qualified and capable of exceeding your expectations. We pre-screen the candidates and provide you with in-depth evaluations and presentations. We don’t pass along every paper that comes across our desks.


As part of the search process, we become as passionate about your opportunity as you are. In addition to prepping you for candidates, we’ll take advantage of every possible opportunity to promote your company and leave a message that will resonate in your market space long after your search is over. Who knew that PR came with hiring a new employee? We did, and we can maximize the results of that benefit for you.


We’re here to make sure your company acquires the talent you need to take your business strategy to the next level. That means we’ll work with the candidate to “counter-proof” your offer and we’ll broker the offer to ease the resignation process.


Seeking Junior Recruiters

Seeking Junior Recruiters

TxMQ Staffing Solutions is seeking Junior Recruiters to join our IT Recruiting team! This exciting opportunity would consist of recruiting, interviewing, and placing IT professionals in direct hire and contract positions with our clients. We're seeking candidates with...

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So you want to get a promotion…

So you want to get a promotion…

So you want to get a promotion… You’ve been in your job for years. You have gotten solid performance reviews, met all requested and required metrics, show up on time and generally are well liked at work. So what gives? Guess what? You have met precisely zero of the...

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